Blissful Touch Therapies

Tantrah Harmonious Massage (90 minutes)

Deep, rhythmical strokes adjusted to suit your pressure preference and address bodily aches and pains, restoring energy vitality. This massage has two stages in which first stage done on mint oil and then stroke given on ayurvedic oils.

Raindrop Aromatherapy (60 minutes)

This massage focuses on the alignment of the spine. It is designed to release blockages and align energy throughout the body. Drops of organic essential oils fall like rain onto the spine and are then massaged in, using a feathering technique. This is a prefect way to balance and detoxify the body.

Manipura (60 minutes)

Meaning beautiful, shining jewel in Sanskrit, Manipura refers to the solar plexus(navel) chakra, focusing on health and vitality. This unique therapy works to awaken the vital energy of the body through reflexology, marma massage, lymphatic drainage, and warmed herbal poultice compressions.

Jasmine Vilina Basil (60 minutes)

Blended together, Jasmine oil and Tulsi extracts from the basis of the Jasmine Vilina Basil. Both these ingredients are antiseptic, good for cleansing and detoxifying the body. The treatment is specially designed to improve circulation, aid digestion and relieve the fatigue of jet lag. Our signature outdoor treatment is performed in one of our private poolside cabanas.

Gandayukti (60 minutes)

A soothing massage with various strokes. Gandayukti is mixed with various aroma oils. This massage will give aa aroma for body for a long duration and feel each breath very fresh and warmth.

Tantrah Balance Massage (60 minutes)

A relaxing full body massage using acupressure techniques to improve circulation and calm the senses.

Tantrah Treatments & Packages