Hand and Foot Rituals

Chocolate Hand or foot Spa (45 minutes)

Aromatic scrub removes your rough spots and sooth your hand and foot with various combinations of chocolate creams and soaked with gentle massage which leaves your hand and foot soft.

Wine Hand Spa or Foot Spa (45 minutes)

A luxurious massage with special combination wines. Powered nut scrub removes your old skin and soaking wine massage brings the glow back and distress leaves you feel light.

Express Hand or Foot Spa (45 minutes)

This aroma therapeutic ritual soothes and hydrates your feet. Beginning with a relaxing therapeutic soak, followed by a warm mineral scrub to exfoilate and smooth the skin. Your therapy is finished with a moisturizing foot.

Whitening Hand or Foot Spa (45 minutes)

Using one of the most natural antioxidants to keep your hand and foot in good health. Special scrub remove your old skin leaving a glowing layer. An intense two step exfolirating rejuvenate your hand and foot for a long time look youthful appearance.

Feet Abhyanga (45 minutes)

Deal with fatigue, improper circulation and dryness in the soles of the feet with this relaxing oil massage for the feet and lower legs

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