Revitalising Body Therapies

Pomegranate Orange Exfoliation (45 minutes)

Crushed pomegranate crystals along with uplifting essential oil of orange exfoliate, refine and polish your skin to anatural lustre. A soothing pomegranate oil massage follows A pomegranate mist to rejuvenate your sprit completes this therapy.

Marigold and Basil Sand Scrub (45 minutes)

This extraordinary exfoliation therapy stimulates circulation and helps detoxify and smooth the skin. The active ingredients include fine white sand, rich in aluminum silicates from the river beds of the Himalayas with indigenous flower and herb extracts, to enhance skin tone and reduce cellulite leaving your skin supple and radiant.

Clarifying Scrub (45 minutes)

A body clarifying an purifying mixture made up of the finest qality aroma oils and mineral salts. You will witness an amazing luster and fairness in your body post the treatment. Highly recommended for dry skin.

Mint Scrub (45 minutes)

Our offering for people with sensitive or oily skin. A soft and soothing scrub which deep cleanses it with the richness of mint making it smooth and refreshed.

Coffee Chip Body Scrub (45 minutes)

Refine and polish your skin to a natural lustre. Coffee Chip Body Scrub rejuvenate your spirit completes this therapy.

Green Tea Body Scrub (45 minutes)

Experience the therapeutic benefits of green tea exfoliation and aroma therapy, along with warmed oils and lotions, for the ultimate in skin. This invigorating yet relaxing treatment renews dry, dull skin leaving you radiant and silky smooth all over.

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