Royal Baths

Milk and Rose Bath (30 minutes)

Drawing from royal recipes, this bath pampers you with the soothing and softening qualities of milk combined with rose water, which tones your skin. Sprinkled with fresh rose petals, the effect of this baths is truly royal.

Detox Herbal Bath (30 minutes)

The bath relieves the skin of excess subcutaneous toxins. A warm soak accompained by gentle scrub with a herbal powder exfoliate dead cells.

Neem Purifying Bath (30 minutes)

Since ancient times, neem has been useed as an antiseptic and a natural purifier. Soak in a tub filled with warm water and neem tea. Amixture of boiled neem leaves and milk powder provides a mild natural scrub and relaxing therapeutic bath.

Marigold Bath (30 minutes)

A warm, relaxing bath with marigold petal, Marigold has astringent qalities and leaves the skin feeling firm and fresh.

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