Signature Indigenous Rituals

Go…wah Wave (2 1/2 hours spa experience)

(Steam, pomegranate exfoliation, pomegranate wrap, massage, bathing ritual)

This signature ritual is a tribe to the beauty traditions of India. The ‘Go…wah Wave’ is a harmony of therapies for complete body cleansing, nourishing, detoxifying and papmering. Leave the world behind while you and your loved one indulge in a session of body pampering therapies. The experience begins with a steam bath to open your pores and release toxins. A gentle pomegranate exfoliation follows, preparing your skin to soak the elements as you are enveloped with a nourishing blend of pomegranate and orange to moisturise and nourish your skin. Your therapist will then easw away the knots and tension with a relaxing massage using fresh pomegranate oil to improve circulation and energy flow.

Apsara Classic (2 hours spa experience)

(Exfoliation, mud wrap, facial massage, hot lava stone massage)

Be treated like royalty as we pamper you with a natural blend of minerals. The combination of purifying body exfoliation and nourishing, mineral-rich mud wrap leaves the body silky smooth.A unique facial massage revives your complextion whilst a hot lava stone massage re-minerelises your skin, soothes your muscles and banishest tension and stress for renewed sense of relaxation.

Gandharva Classic (2 hours spa experience)

(After workout massage, gentlemen’s facial)

Ease away the knots and tension with an after workout massage followed by agentlemen’s mineralising facial. A perfect antidote for total relaxation of the body, mind and sprit.

Synergy (1 1/2 hours spa experience)

Take your spa experience to a new zenith by opting for two or more consecutive therapies to suit your individual needs and create your very own spa ritual.

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